​Looking for an app that organizes your tasks?

Actually, there are several on the market. It depends on your task management method when choosing between them. Some allow extra detailing, others are designed for those who keep task descriptions short. Some are more visual, with many icons and windows, others record progress.

If you are all about keeping it easy and simple, then you need an app that has a clear and simple design, allows fast task adding, has reminder and snooze options, allows organizing task based on the type or event or their due date. You should also look for an app designed for different types of users, maybe. You probably need an app that you can easily access without too many buttons to be hit in order to get to it.

If you have checked all these features mentioned above, than you have found the perfect app for you – NO.Tify.ME is what you need :).

You can download it here ­ http://no.tify.me/ right now and it's free.