​NO.TIfy.ME ­ the app that fits anyone

NO.TIfy.ME developed by Scala Web is an app that emerged from personal experience and is

developed as a tool used in order to ease the task organizing activity. The app allows adding tasks,

organizing them by categories, setting due dates and reminders, scheduling repeated tasks, setting

multiple alerts and some more interesting features. It can also be used offline, which makes it even

more attractive and useful.

Recently, the app improved by adding 5 more versions to it's basic one. Now customers can choose

between NO.TIfy.ME for all/men/women/physicians/students/brokers according to their

preferences and needs. Each app is personalized and designed as to ease task organizing for any of

the five categories. All of them are available for iOS and Android and are free.

The app developers announce more updates and some more new categories for future, so stay

tuned and don't miss them. Check our website and follow us on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter,

Google+ and Pinterest