NO.TIfy.ME For All - Tasks Manager

Task Master-Manager App that will make sure your work is completed on time.

Made for the sole purpose of ensuring that your busy schedule doesn’t mean you overlook work to be done, NO.Tify.ME is a task manager app that helps you finish all your tasks by sending you regular reminders and alerts. Designed for simplicity and ergonomic in its usage, NO.Tify.ME is a meant to be a virtual assistant that will help the user meet deadlines and due dates. 

The features that the app has to offer are quite easy and simple - NO.Tify.ME is an app designed to be a virtual reminder, so it sends the user regular notifications and alerts as deadlines come up. All one has to do is to key in the dates and the times one would like reminders and the app will ensure one gets it – the user also has the option of going in for a push notification if they so wish!

For tasks that you need to get done regularly, you can make a scheduled task list that the app will give you reminders for automatically. For instance, if you wish to go grocery shopping every Monday and want the app to send you regular reminders for the same, you just make a scheduled task – instead of having to set a reminder for every weekend, you make it a scheduled reminder alert, which means that the app itself will send you alerts over the weekend regularly, without you having to do anything!

NO.Tify.ME is a virtual alarm – all alarms come with a definite Snooze button! When the alert appears, you can snooze up to an hour or even a full day, until such a time as when you are capable of completing the task. 

The look and the feel of the app have been designed with the user’s needs in mind; it’s simple, colorful and funky while still being easy to understand and navigate your way through. A very useful feature is the ability to access all your tasks, notes, schedules and the like offline – this way, you can no longer cite a faulty Internet connection for forgetting your work or your deadline! A constellation chart with concentric circles allows you to plan your schedule months in advance – you have access to an entire year’s calendar and schedule, so you stay one step ahead of your work at all times!

Constantly being upgraded according to user preferences, the app is free to download and is available for both Apple and Android users. For anyone who has a short memory, for anyone who is bogged down with too many things to do, for anyone who needs a virtual organizer - NO.Tify.ME is the answer to all your problems!