NO.TIfy.ME For All - Tasks Manager

For someone who want to manage their daily schedule better, for someone who struggles to keep track of the way too many tasks they have to finish before their deadlines, for someone who needs a reminder to complete things - NO.Tify.ME is one of the best choices you will ever make!  It is a full-featured app to help you keep track of your entire schedule and make things a smooth sailing for you!

In essence, the app is a to-do list maker, a task manager and a reminder – it will serve as your virtual task master and make sure you get your job done, no matter how much you put it off! It helps you get your tasks done on time and meet all the deadlines you need to! With a design that is both intuitive to the user’s needs and ergonomic in nature, it is an app that you cannot go wrong with. 

So what can you do with the app exactly and why should you get it today? NO.Tify.ME allows you to create as many tasks as you want, take notes, create a notebook and a checklist – any activities that you repeat on a regular basis, like grocery shopping, you will get repeated notifications to remind you to get them done! This way, you can collaborate events with friends and plan your entire schedule months in advance! 

If you set a due date or a deadline and mark it as top priority, the app will not let you forget it! You will get repeated notifications to make sure you finish it – this is a virtual Task Manager, a taskmaster if there ever was one! You do have the option of snoozing an activity, but even that will not let you get out of completing your work. 

Another amazing feature the app offers is the ability to access all your tasks and your entire schedule even without the Internet! Even when you are offline, you can open your schedule planner and get to it; you don’t Internet to get your work done! The added benefit of advanced scheduling cannot be denied – the Task Constellation Chart lets you access not just this week’s calendar, but the entire year’s. That means that you can be ahead of your schedule by months; you can mark events that are months away and forget all about them because NO.Tify.ME will remind you when the time is right! 

Designed to be colorful and funky, the app’s user interface is something that extremely easy to navigate your way through. Free to download and available on both Google Play Store and the Apple Store, you can plan your week, months and a whole year well in advance with both Apple and Android Systems. So get the app today and stay ahead of your work!