NO.TIfy.ME task manager&to do list mobile app – How it works?

It's easy!
Once downloaded, one can get started. The home screen shows all scheduled tasks and their deadline. You can easily add a new task from the same home screen. As well it offers the option of getting additional information on the app.

Adding a new task is very easy: you just have to choose the task type from a a wide range of categories, set the title, set its type (one time event or repetitive), set deadline and that's it!

The task list shows, in a column, all tasks grouped in tasks that are already marked as done, current tasks and all together, if needed. As well you can visualize tasks grouped in a certain category (birthdays / holiday / business ).
There is also a search window available, for a rapid task identification.

The contact screen leads to our email address, app store rating options and social media links.

See how easy it is?

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