​Paper planner or task manager app?

Keep the old way and use a paper planner or benefit the tech world we live in and use an app?

A paper planner – “there is no better tool than this” some could say. And we agree – a written task is doubtless and riskfree: you won't forget to buy milk if it's written on the list. More than that, you don't have to turn on your phone, push that button, than the other, OK, another OK, set date, go there...”. But what about bills? Can you set a reminder for that on your paper planner? Or that work you have to finish? Having to hit the snooze button may make you feel somehow guilty and motivate you completing that task. Isn't it so? You have the motivation you need.

A task manager app can be easy to use if you choose the right one for you. You always have your smartphone so you always have access to it. You can easily create, add and schedule your tasks, set due dates and reminders to ensure you don't forget important things. Some app allow organizing reminders by categories or even use specially created versions depending on your job specificity. There can be many more features added to it depending on the app you choose.

However, if you're not a tech person, you always have the paper choice. It's always up to you.

We always choose NO.TIfy.ME – a super easy task manager and to do app.